Endorse Facebook App: Get 10% Back on Purchases

October 29th, 2011

I recently came across a neat little Facebook app. Yes, I am a Facebook addict, but that’s not the point!

This app, called Endorse is a really cool app that gives you cash back on your product purchases. It’s super easy to use and everything is prepaid for you.

All you do is allow access to the app from your profile. Then, you browse product categories for products you would purchase. When you purchase those products, you save your receipts and mail them in (called POP – proof of purchase). Upon verification, you get 10% of the purchase price back! The biggest part about Endorse is sharing the products you love with your friends. When you get 5 friends to endorse the product you like (must be clicked through your recommendation), purchase it and POP it, your purchase is completely reimbursed, making it FREE!

I just sent some receipts in the other day, so I’m not exactly a pro at this. I will post once I receive my cash back in my account!

**You are not eligible to send in receipts for items purchased before you endorse a product! Only receipts dated after the date you endorse a product are valid. Also, you must send in your receipt within 90 days of purchasing the endorsed product.

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