Media Kit

About Faith, Family, Frugality:

Launched in June of 2009, Faith, Family, Frugality is a way for me to share inspiring and faith based experiences, family experiences, and my passion for couponing and savings with those around me. The site is updated at least once per day with personal stories, savings and deal finds.

After attending the inaugural Savvy Blogging Summit, my vision has become more clear, and I am in the process of various changes to the focus and topics of my blog. Some of the changes have already included reaching out via social media networking on Facebook.

From June 27-July 27, 2010, Faith, Family, Frugality received:
1255 Page Views
706 Unique Visitors

Currently, Faith, Family, Frugality has:
416 Twitter Followers
23 Facebook Followers

These numbers are increasing daily.

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